Management Objectives.

The City Council, the competent authority regarding funeral services, to guarantee the benefit to all citizens, assumes the following objectives:

Ensure that funeral companies of private ownership provide their functions under the conditions and with the scope indicated by the regulations of death health police and this Ordinance, adopting, for these purposes, all legal and regulatory measures deemed necessary or appropriate, especially when it comes to preserving or restoring the rights of the users.

Guarantee full respect for the rights of users of funerary activities and services.

To be able to provide the activity and funeral services in a regime of free competition with the private sector, enjoying the funeral services of municipal ownership of the condition of public service for all purposes and considering the activities derived from them as belonging to the City Council.

Exercise the management of funeral services by the City through any of the means and forms of control of public services, both direct and indirect, which establishes the legislation of local regime and public services.